A matter of Education

Meeting people has been one of my favourite activities in life. When I meet Millennials born in the last decade (not in the first one as me), I love to hear about their worldview. Most of the time, I discover that I share a very similar one and that their commitment to this path has kickoff a lot earlier in their lives. As their voice has grown stronger, reassuring their needs, educating without enforcing, remaining flexible, sharing knowledge, communicating clearly, staying positive and creating awareness, most believe that trust can only be achieved with collective effort. I believe it too.

Designed by macrovector / https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/trust-knob-button-switch-high-confidence-level-concept-technical-design-management-modern_10602788.htm
Designed by macrovector / Freepik

We are moving in a time of rapid change where the focus is set on services and products that pay attention to this hierarchy of needs. As they reach their prime working and spending years, with the use of research, reviews and comparisons at their fingertips, Millennials turn to compelling brands that can offer maximum convenience and reflect their daily pursuit.

This has made a huge impact on the behaviours and experiences in our active lifestyle. Organizations had to overcome (or would be healthy to do) the short-term mentality and invest smartly in the culture of collaboration creating an empathetic workflow and advocating multicultural teams.

Design Systems have arrived to show us a realistic, innovative and inspiring approach to embrace these values. And is just a matter of Education.

Design systems are a mental model advocating togetherness, avoiding the snowflake syndrome, empowering to build strong foundations and relationships. The adoption of a design system produces motivation and engagement contributing to the reinforcement of brand identity, benefitting the quality of the Social Media assets production, helping with conversion, retention and attracting talented professionals.



Atomic Design by Brad Frost

Laying the foundations by Andrew Couldwell


The full-stack design system by Emmet Connolly

Each screen isn’t a special snowflake: Brad Frost on design systems by Kristin Hillery and Kaysie Garza

Selling a Design System at Your Company by Nick Stammes

Behind the scenes of our new design system by Karri Saarinen



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Yanina Grunewald

Product Designer — background in Textile Design. Recreating my Yoga practice learnings to my design process.